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Are You The Beggar Or The Expert

Most people are busy, they don't have a minute to spare. To get an appointment with a decision maker to "sell your product" is one of the toughest things.

Unless you ...

Become the expert, the problem solver that customers look forward to seeing. Many sales people see themselves as a beggar, who has to beg and push for the order.

This is old fashioned, a leftover when sales people where considered to be fast talkers.

The sales professional solves problems. He places the customers benefit before his own personal gain. This builds long term relationships which allows a win - win business relationship to grow. It is not focused on today’s sales but on totally understanding the customer’s needs.

This is not achieved by talking but listening and asking the Buyer all the questions. Often his decisions are influenced by others. Ensure you identify those forces. The Receptionist is a fountain of knowledge often neglected by the pushy Sales Person who only wants to speak to the Boss. If you talk to the Boss with advance knowledge about his problems - you show you have taken care.

When setting up the appointment ensure the “Influencers” and “Specifiers” are participating. Get them on your side, make their life easy by giving them the info they need. Ensure you know what is important to them when making a decision. A proposal that does not help them to “onsell” will focus on the only choice you have left them “PRICE”. Is that what you intended?

“If Price is always the deciding factor - why do we need Sales Professionals?”

The Sales Professionals identifies The Value his companies adds to the proposition.That clinches the sale, the Buyer does not have to be pushed.

Promise yourself - never to beg for an order again.

Try it - it's worked for me and thousands of Professionals.

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