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We focus on Action -


The Boardroom process focuses on Action - just making you smarter does not improve your business. 

During the session you jot down the Gems - from these you develop the actions that you commit to start doing before the next monthly session.

The BoardRoom members hold each other accountable for their actions - and if you are all talk and too busy to complete your actions - you will leave the group.


Why it's different and why it works

We learn from each other-


When diverse people, with diverse backgrounds and cultures and even more diverse education exchange, debate and challenge conventional wisdom - the outcome is powerful.

Boardroom members share the highs and lows of the last month during the first part of the session. The advice on offer from the Boardroom members is so valuable as it's given without a hidden agenda and  no ego colouring objectivity.

We don't seek consensus - the more diverse the answers the better.

The group is limited to only 10 members.

The One on One identifies the needs of each member.

The Coach has one on one sessions with each member in order to really get to know each individual and his business issues. This guides the selection of topics which are covered over the year, ensuring  "practical" and "relevant" topics".


At times, instead of giving just his view on an issue it is suggested to debate it with the entire group during the "My Issue Session" of the day. Now, that is powerful.


The Boardroom process has been described by some as an "ongoing, practical MBA".



It is lonely at the top.


Many people feel the need to share difficult issues with someone they have learnt to trust and respect. When friends are not available they turn to a Mentor.  

Sometimes you need a sounding board, at other times it would help if you were challenged and stretched. 


The members, as well as the Coach, fulfil just that function and have helped the members reaching new goals  and standards previously not achieved.

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