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Over the 22 years of coaching BoardRoom members I have had a number of clients. Some were part of the programme for 3 years - some I coached for 10 years. Were they highly recognised brand names? Some were, but mainly they were owners of companies who wanted to be a cut above the rest. (And they are).

Richard, of the Missing Link (pic below) is a typical example.

My Clients



From: Doug Boake 
Sent: 23 January 2014 03:54 PM
To: ''
Cc: Graeme Boake; Bruce Boake; Donovan Fraser; Alberto Riccardi
Subject: GOSH ! LAST 21 YEARS


Hi Wolf

The date 1992 somehow doesn’t go back far enough as concerns our business association, the years just rolled by. I remember like it was just yesterday.


We truly appreciate and value your advice and business coaching sessions  over  the years. This has  helped the firm and the partners tremendously to focus on the right things and  build up  the audit practice to what it is today.   


We will be ever indebted and grateful for your sage observations and advice, even if we didn’t always  do it your way. Every now and then one of the partners quotes what Wolf Vosse said at one time or other. This surely is a fitting tribute to you and what you have meant to us all at Boake Inc.


Kindest regards to both Pam and yourself.


Doug Boake l Consultant @Boake Inc. Auditors and Accountants.

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