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Disruptive Innovation - No Worries????

They never saw it coming - and if they saw it - they thought it would not affect them.

Who were they? Nokia, HP Computers, Microsoft, OK Bazaars, Blockbuster Video.

Change is the only constant

How will the young Motor Mechanic cope when in 15 years time 50 of the cars will have an electric motor?

After Dieselgate what will a Diesel Mechanic have to learn? Will he still have a job?

Web designers were a sought after group of talented people. Guess what, they have templetised web design. Now many people can do it themselves (like I am doing with Wix).

Why are you not the disruptor in your industry?

What would it take to turn your business upside down- inside out- and provide your customers with a solution that benefits your customer like no other solution - but, kills your current income stream?

Are you too scared to even contemplate it? - Be scared - if you don't do it - someone else will do it.

Talk to me about radical ideas. Be challenged by me. I will ask the uncomfortable questions.

Call me on +2782 7698788 or email me:

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