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Ernesto Ciccone

Financial Director

Jacklin Enterprises                  

It Works for me..  to my surprise......

What has boardroom done for me?


I am a qualified accountant finished my studies & started working earning my stripes in various sectors, and then I joined my current company where I have been for the last 17 years.

After so many years you start becoming comfortable, become very fast at doing your daily work, forget about the company as a whole (take it for granted) & concentrate on making your department function 100% in its own silo.

Then I was introduced to Boardroom almost 2 years ago, by our then audit partner & I was given a rude awakening, to get out of my comfort zone & start contributing to the well being of the company.  

All staff that is in a supervisory/managerial position in a company has an obligation to move that company forward, how? By becoming more than just managers, but LEADERS to the company & its people.

Boardroom provides you with the right material & support to start the process of the re awakening.

The Boardroom comprises of 9 members from different sectors, back rounds & size but all with common issues that will affect the group in one way or another, depending on the stage your respective company is in.

The mentor Wolf Vosse has vast experience & engages us, by challenging the group. Peer pressure/advise within the group, provides a different perspective to the issues raised, these are some of the methods used for understanding our/the group issues.

This is achieved by breaking down & understanding the underlying message from motivational speaker's videos, specifically identified guest speakers on topical issues to the group, & a one on one review with each member to check the progress that one has achieved, or the plan to achieve something greater than oneself, in becoming the leader at your company.

100 Accountability, O excuses to become the best leader you can be, & thereby improving/uplifting the people around you to greater heights, to the benefit of your company.

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